Simmering along nicely is Simple 2d6, the system I have made to make things at once fast and able to maintain suspension of disbelief. It strikes a sweet spot between simple and detail while minimising crunch.

What’s so good about Simple 2d6?

*No need of special dice.
*Skill-based character generation (no classes or professions)

*Very simple combat
*Gambit-based stunt/feat system (bet failure effect vs. success)

*Only thirteen skills

*Everyone has a perception ability

*It flows so fast you won’t know yourself!


Now that I’ve put in all the things I forget about, absent-minded professor type that I am, it is closer to a final draft than ever before. A table-of-contents, index and a few appendices are included. What remains is a character sheet and a sampling of pre-made foes & creatures.


When this is in its final draft the great work will commence on the Simple 2d6 version of the Khara Thel Worldbook. After that the Simple 2d6: Modern Appendix. One of the obstacles for which is getting firearms and body armour straightened out. They’re currently a bit wonky and don’t scale well.


So for those of you who like updates I hope this gives you and idea of what’s going on.

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