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Kiltayre Campaign: GM Ideas for Session 8

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Session 8 is looming close and with the party in gaol they may be hitting a motivational crisis. As players, and as the characters, dealing with imprisonment is difficult. The emotions rise and people become desperate to get out. Bribery, violence, promises, imploring for empathy, all the tools of someone who thinks they may be hurt and does not have the ability to adequately defend themselves. It really is a horrible place to be and, in essence, is a kind of emotional abuse. Thankfully it’s only a game and all of this is a kind of “program” being run in the sub-routines of the players brains.

This is the kind of magic of RPG’s. We can use our experiences and knowledge to place ourselves in the situation of the characters. A kind of mental simulation of the experience. How intense this can become depends on the investment and capacity for imagination of the player. Frankly, if it’s enjoyable for everyone at the table it’s working as it should.

What’s in store for them?

Quite a bit is lined up. What I think they’ll do is plea their case as if it’s a court. The unfortunate part of this is it is a religious court and all the mockeries of justice that go with that will be in play. What I expect will happen shall be quite a surprise for them. Especially when I drop the news that a war has started whilst they were traipsing about the wilderness for 50 days.

We’ll see what happens because they certainly will have the opportunity to hang themselves by saying too much. But that’s okay. We’re playing with Fate Points (save your ass points) and it will mean some strange occurrence will save them all.

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What are we rolling for?

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Often it seems to me that rolling is done by GM’s to decide – more than determine. The difference between those concepts is that to decide, means the action hasn’t been determined, yet. To determine is to decide on action, and then see if it is successful.

So why roll when to decide on an action? Perhaps it’s a chance-based assessment of the likelihood of success. Kind of like an internal skill-check before committing to an action. Sometimes it’s just an internal way of deciding what the NPC will do because the GM hasn’t really thought enough about it.

EG. If I roll a high enough number then the NPC will cast a net at the party, otherwise flee.

Is it wrong? No. Is it right? No. It’s neither. It’s like saying that someone using an adjustable wrench to undo a nut is wrong because they didn’t use a ring spanner. Some people might have the mental equivalent of a pneumatic impact driver for undoing nuts (thinking of NPC actions and decisions) where most of us are bodging multi-grips into the role. Use what keeps the spirit of your game progressing and building.



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