Mighty Griffons

Overview: This company of giant-hunters is kept on permanent retainer to the Duke of Krakmoor. They are stationed in Krank, a town in the Berretain Hills south of Krakmoor City. Troopers work closely with Krakmoor rangers and soldiers in hunting down rogue bands of giants, ogres or bandits of any description. Attrition is quite high but recruits come from many lands to join.
Weapons: sabre guisarme, arbalest, flamberge
Hallmarks: movement discipline, flanking, fake retreats

Fenloch’s Bane

Overview: A Hrostic company famed for city-fighting and breaking sieges. Fenloch was an apparently immortal warlord who was trying to expand into the southern reaches of the Krin territories. The company, at the time under a different name, routed the forces of Fenloch, pursued and slew the warlord, achieving what was once thought impossible and henceforth gained this name in memory.
Weapons: heavy short bows, blowguns, leather-covered chain armour
Hallmarks: all members carry coils of rope, skill in ambush and trap-setting

Eighth Regiment of Marn

Overview: A Hrostic company of heavy infantry known for siege breaking, tackling cavalry, and general discipline. There are no other regiments, the number being the iteration of the company’s form and leadership.
Weapons: goat’s foot crossbows, leaf-bladed long spears, flanged flails
Hallmarks: quality steel heavy infantry plate armour

Gunnar Brashahari’s Mercenary Company

Overview: a tightly knit group of men and half-castes under the leadership of a frighteningly capable half-ogre. They are said to have never lost a battle and are thought of as the most effective mercenaries available. The premium of their audience is 100gp with contract costs to be added to that.
Weapons: bisento, falchion, bronze wall shields, horseman’ s bows
Hallmarks: sallet helms with a ridge from nasal to nape, heavy mail armour, Shentar warhorses

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