The Garren have locks, from blonde to rich chestnut, that is more like fine grass than hair. Blue, green or grey eyes that almost totally round are set in long narrow faces. Their physiques are more svelte than most human’s but corded with muscle. A Garren has skin like bark over most of their limbs, their fingers have retractable claws similar to a car, and their teeth are sharp like a predators. They live within heavily forested areas on the edges of many human kingdoms such as Iron Claw, Mekong Reldeng, Ferromaine, Kiltayre and Gannellon’s Reign. Garren are militant and isolationist preferring to stay in areas without any chance of pollution from another race. The Garren are thought of as hostile wood-spirits due to their ‘feral’ nature, skill in stealth and a propensity to eat their fallen foes. Garren structures are built into living trees and well camouflaged from passing eyes. They favour light-weapons of natural materials and, unless warriors, seldom wear armour of any kind. Garren warriors that do wear armour have it constructed of giant arthropod chitin, such as the shell of giant beetles or centipedes, said to be as strong as any plate armour yet weighing much less. The archers of the Garren are feared throughout the world.

Height: 5’6” to 6’10”

Abilities: nightvision 400’, small bonus to perception, moderate bonus to stealth and hiding in forests

Weaknesses: pollution (coal-smoke, iron, tar, tanned leather, etc.) causes spirit weakening, light penalty to activity per day without clean air/surroundings. Death occurs after 20 days.

Average lifespan: 110 years



+2 Dex, +1 Str
+3 racial bonus with ranged archery weapons (bows and crossbows)
+2 racial bonus to, Move Silently and Hide
Genlei Weakness: pollution, -1 to all checks per day of exposure, death at -20
Nightvision 120′, must be some light source, such as stars, moon on cloudy night, etc. Can read with nightvision.

Natural weapons: claws 1d4, bite 1d3 but provokes AoO except on grappled target

Natural armour: DR 3 (fire, adamantine)

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