Bounty for the Taking, a fantasy action series in the world of Khara Thel now has its second volume complete. Available on Smashwords and on Kindle for US$6.50. There will be a special coming up for Christmas season.

Book One
A mission to assassinate an orcish king, the spirit of a great demiurge wants a new body, and ogre raiders with a bounty on their heads for the taking. The three brothers Skarsayer are drawn through action and adventure towards a life-shattering revelation. A Tale of Khara Thel.
Smashwords –
Kindle –…B005DERN76

Book Two
A witch-cursed earring has seized the mind of a legendary sea captain. An uprising of bandits has seen a war-chest attract freelances and mercenaries to the fief of Anatol and Cavis begins to doubt if they are truly bandits that the lords are warring against. Staifcairn tries to fulfill his pact with the shade of a demiurge and complete his search for a Professor-Regent of the college of archmages. Kragor continues deeper on his path towards greatness and darkness. Join the brothers Skarsayer, and Kragor the Conqueror, on their trials and adventures across the strongly realised magical world of Khara Thel.
Smashwords –
Kindle –…B00AOF5WD6

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