Official Title: Sovereign City-State of Khara Hrost

A small but very influential island in the middle of the Hrostic Ocean is the source of the greatest architects, masons, scholars and mercenary companies of great repute and ability. The island is nearly one quarter built up citadel of stone in which live almost all the inhabitants. Labyrinthine and reaching high the buildings are sprawled above, around and through each other to create a cityscape unlike any other. Flying buttresses carry avenues a hundred feet from the ground through the arch of an aqueduct that runs from a cistern above a university.


khara hrost

Other such vistas are the gift of those that can visit Khara Hrost to walk about and marvel at the engineering and masonry. The west of the island is farming lands, rich and dark volcanic loams grow excellent produce all year round in the warm-moist climate. A common occurrence in farming on Khara Hrost is the growth of giant produce from normal seed. The explanation is earthnodes that appear in the subsurface soil of the island and affect young plants. Farmers have since bred giant varieties of some vegetables that are now a stable strain.

Khara Hrost is a sovereign city-state ruled by a council of elite known as the Cerra. The Cerra is composed of 21 councillors, all of whom are experts in one particular field. Candidate members of the Cerra are tested in a protected chamber within the Grey Ziggurat; the central administration building of Khara Hrost. Candidates who pass are reviewed by the existing member or, should there be no existing member, panel reviewed by the other Cerra. Two candidates are then put to testing in a second chamber within the Grey Ziggurat and the one who walks out is given the membership. The one who doesn’t is usually hospitalised for a number of days and cannot remember the testing.

The 22 fields of the Cerra: architecture, art, farming, logistics, plumbing, military strategy, naval strategy, food storage, medicine, information gathering, libraries, quarrying, tunnelling, tax & tolls, banking, education, welfare, sewerage & works, transportation, mortal magic, alchemy and dark arts.

Hrostic exports are bulk exotic plant materials, healing herbs & preparations, skilled personnel, Hrostic steel (high steel) and many other highly-produced goods.

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