Often it seems to me that rolling is done by GM’s to decide – more than determine. The difference between those concepts is that to decide, means the action hasn’t been determined, yet. To determine is to decide on action, and then see if it is successful.

So why roll when to decide on an action? Perhaps it’s a chance-based assessment of the likelihood of success. Kind of like an internal skill-check before committing to an action. Sometimes it’s just an internal way of deciding what the NPC will do because the GM hasn’t really thought enough about it.

EG. If I roll a high enough number then the NPC will cast a net at the party, otherwise flee.

Is it wrong? No. Is it right? No. It’s neither. It’s like saying that someone using an adjustable wrench to undo a nut is wrong because they didn’t use a ring spanner. Some people might have the mental equivalent of a pneumatic impact driver for undoing nuts (thinking of NPC actions and decisions) where most of us are bodging multi-grips into the role. Use what keeps the spirit of your game progressing and building.



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