Greg Christopher of Dark Horse Game Design has released his first commercial product; Aqualii Temple. What’s special about this otherwise standard dungeon-crawl is its format.

The PDF is a series of maps with interactive icons and graphics. You click on something and text pops up to tell you what it is. So rooms, doors, trap-symbols, and all that kind of thing is laid out and ready to retrieve its information with one-click. It’s a great idea and I’m confident it will continue to grow – like layer control in PDFs for print-purposes, hyperlinking indexes (indices) & tables of contents, and other uses of the various enhancements that PDFs support.

Given that only one out of 6 at my gaming table doesn’t use a laptop, and only 2 of 4 at my previous group (2 years ago), that says something about market size.

Go Greg!



Aqualii Temple is only a buck from

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