After a few hours of revision on my various projects I realised that Duration (my crunchy 2d10 based system) may as well be abandoned. It was being trimmed back last I was working on it and it basically has the form of Simple 2d6 in its current state. The possible plan is to make an Advanced 2d6 system with lots of crunch but it seems that the current trend is established systems, or simple systems, so I’m questioning the value of that work. Duration is on vacation until I make a decision.


Is there any value in extending on Simple 2d6’s premises to make an Advanced 2d6 that will include the following?

*Hit locations

*Piece-meal Armour

*Armour damage tracking

*All movement, lifting, and fatigue tracking

*Critical wounds

*Action Points for combat


My thoughts are that only established systems can get away with crunch. Indie systems that have crunch are held in disdain.


What do you think?

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