An optional rule for the idea of Gambits in combat. That is taking a risk to increase damage inflicted at the risk of having increase damage if the bout is lost.

Optional: Gambits
Heavily armoured combatants who are equally skilled will fight for a long time unless one is lucky at the same time as the other is unlucky. It is possible for combatants to attempt a gambit to increase their inflicted damage should they win a bout. This is done at the expense of having the same risk to self if they lose the bout. If both parties are performing gambits then they are cumulative. This can even carry over into multiple combatant situations.

Example: Sir Rufus takes a gambit against Sir Blackheart. The gambit is for 4 points. If Sir Rufus wins the bout he increases his inflicted damage by four points. If he loses the bout Sir Blackheart increases the damage he inflicts by four points.

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