I’m working on the Simple 2d6 book for Khara Thel. The premise is that if you have the system neutral worldbook you can pick up the Simple 2d6 book and combine them to play in Khara Thel using the Simple 2d6 rules. The “Khara Thel: Simple 2d6” book will have extra rules for the native setting, mainly for apothecary, magic and equipment.

One major new thing I’ll be putting in is the idea of Grace being a statistic for those who perform religious magic. This will be an additional attribute (like Strength, Agility, etc.) that measures your character’s favour with their deity. Doing things against the dictates of the deity will result in loss of Grace. When Grace no longer generates a statistic bonus, the character has lost the favour necessary for religious magic. Should Grace generate a penalty then the character is in the “bad books”. And when Grace reaches zero they’re likely to incur Wrath.

Grace is a pretty simple mechanic to keep religious characters on the right path. It also means that the concept of a demi-urge can be made. That is a great mage who is also a great religious figure with Grace from their deity. Kind of an archmage-cleric in traditional parlance.

To date I think I’m about a week away from getting the text done. Then I’ll need another week to get some art together to break up the text and get some flavour into the document.

If any one would like to contribute some line art I’d be much appreciative. Anything in the vein of WH-FRP (Tony Ackland), Fighting Fantasy (Russ Nicholson), William McAusland, or Michael Osadciw will fit in well.

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