It took 17 years for me to complete. Not that I was writing it the whole time. Bounty part one was my battle with various demons about what I could do and what I couldn’t. One of them was becoming a writer or not. Writers write – that’s the distinction. Over those 17 years a lot of the time I didn’t write. I gave up in despair for various emotional reasons that are not really the subject of this post.

What I have to say is that Bount part one makes me cringe, now, when I read it. Still, I think there’s a story in there that can be salvaged and moulded into the precursor for how good Bounty part 2 is shaping up. Bounty part two weighs in at 46,600 words it’s looking like it’ll be a 125,000+ word epic. The big challenge is the deadline of November so that there’s a full month for editing and cover image design.

Bounty part one has about a week left of editing and the cover image is not complete. The deadline of May is looking fine, though, and it’ll be great to release on the 20th.


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