Today I completed the second round of editing “A Tale of Rum Town”. There were loads of typos, spelling errors, and poor grammar. Added to that a few continuity problems and inconsistent, as well as confusing, use of names. It’s really tight now and one more editing pass should seal it up.


A few readers are still to provide me with feedback so I’m looking for any more readers who’re willing to give it a proof-read and offer feedback with the usual non-disclosure agreements in place.


Still to be done:

*Map of Rum Town (solid draft is done, but need to get the finished work)

*Secure cover artist and finalise cover concept

*Edit lead pages

*Decide if an ISBN should be purchased

*Decide if a glossary and, or, other appendices are required


It will be released on Amazon Kindle and probably a few other eBook vendors shortly after that.

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