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Khara Thel Worldbook

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It is done. The first draft of the Khara Thel Worldbook, written in system neutral language, with illustrations. It is a hefty 16Mb downloadable free 164-page PDF of a massive fantasy world that is low on the ‘fantasy’ and high on the ‘world’.

Please download and give me some feedback at this blog. Bookmark, add to favourites and subscribe to the RSS feed.


Khara Thel – Worldbook System Neutral Draft

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Big PDF: from disorganised to organised

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Taking the work of Khara Thel from a bunch of disorganised Word, Open Office, Text, JPG, PNG and PSP files is a bigger task than I anticipated. The current file has bloated out to nearly 13Mb and I have now idea if it will compress or get fatter when it is PDF’d. One thing I am thankful for is using headings and sub-headings from the outset. Thanks to the old style guides for that tip.

The organised PDF draft should be ready to download in a week. In it will be many maps and a few quaint little illustrations by the author (yes I draw and make the maps). What has become apparent is that after the draft is assembled I have a few styles of maps. The style needs to be unified and that means remaking most of those maps to match. It also means choosing a style and should I decide a new style is required; then I have to remake all the maps. Who said it was easy? Certainly not me or it would be completed and polished already.

Al Hadir general 

Al-Hadir topographical features map

Ferromaine Port Hacking and Wood Eton

Port Hacking & Environs, Ferromaine

Iron Claw Barrowlands Ferris

Barrowlands, Iron Claw

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Iron Claw

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The Kingdom of Iron Claw was the first part of Khar Thel that I made. It has changed a bit and grown a bloody great deal over the years. I love this place and keep going back there when I think of Khara Thel, particularly the city of Ferris.

Enjoy this map of Iron Claw; I know I do.

Iron Claw topo

Thanks to Jon Hoad for wanting the Duchy of Amblehock in Iron Claw.

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The World as it Stands

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Khara Thel is a complex contiguous continent with many island chains and archipelagos. From a design perspective it allows migrations of cultures without ships or other methods of distance-travel: any culture can conceivably walk to almost anywhere.


My favourite parts, aesthetically;

  • Tay-Tay, and associated island chains
  • Candarian Rift
  • Arnthax River basin
  • Palinleague’s large lake
  • Mustang Territories, aka. the Khob Odan
  • The colossal Storm Bay

After many years of map developments I have found a ‘standard’ that suits me and makes very nice maps.


The Badlands of Iron Claw are situated on the western edge of the Borderlands, also called the Iron Claw Protectorates. Here I’ve done a great deal of my favourite Games Mastering and playing. Where it stands in a global perspective:



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