A Tale of Rum Town

By K.W. Jackson.


Crottle the burglar is being hunted. The vicious smuggler Jenk Sonner and his half-ogre enforcer want revenge. Crottle has one last mystery job before he can rescue the street-urchin Meeze from the walled-in squalor of Rum Town. When the brutal actions of a thug give Jenk a clue how to find Crottle, the burglar’s struggles have only started.

Low-magic adventure in the alleyways and slums.

On Kindle and Smashwords

Bounty for the Taking: Book 1

By K.W. Jackson.


A mission to assassinate an orcish king, the spirit of a great demiurge wants a new body, and bounties for the taking. The three brothers Skarsayer are drawn through action and intrigue towards a life shattering revelation.

Released: on Kindle and Smashwords.

Bounty for the Taking: Book 2

By K.W. Jackson.

A witch-cursed earring has seized the mind of a legendary sea captain. An uprising of bandits has seen a warchest attract freelances and mercenaries to the fief of Anatol and Cavis begins to doubt if they are truly bandits that the lords are warring against. Staifcairn tries to fulfill his pact with the shade of a demiurge and complete his search for a Professor-Regent of the college of archmages. Kragor continues deeper on his path towards greatness and darkness. Join the brothers Skarsayer, and Kragor the Conqueror, on their trials and adventures across the strongly realised magical world of Khara Thel.

Release: December 2012 (it’s almost here)

Simple 2d6: A roleplaying system

By Colin Stewart.

When combining reality and fantasy we end up with too many rules that don’t make sense and at the gaming table they take far too long. Simple 2d6 draws the fine line of balance between these preferences. It is fast, maintains the suspension of disbelief, and still allows the players to adventure like their favourite fiction.

Free download => Simple 2d6: A roleplaying system

Khara Thel: System Neutral Worldbook

By Colin Stewart.

The guide for gaming in Khara Thel written in system neutral terms. Details nations, kingdoms, coinage, social-class, languages and the various exotic races of Khara Thel.

Free download => Khara Thel – Worldbook System Neutral Draft.