Taking the work of Khara Thel from a bunch of disorganised Word, Open Office, Text, JPG, PNG and PSP files is a bigger task than I anticipated. The current file has bloated out to nearly 13Mb and I have now idea if it will compress or get fatter when it is PDF’d. One thing I am thankful for is using headings and sub-headings from the outset. Thanks to the old style guides for that tip.

The organised PDF draft should be ready to download in a week. In it will be many maps and a few quaint little illustrations by the author (yes I draw and make the maps). What has become apparent is that after the draft is assembled I have a few styles of maps. The style needs to be unified and that means remaking most of those maps to match. It also means choosing a style and should I decide a new style is required; then I have to remake all the maps. Who said it was easy? Certainly not me or it would be completed and polished already.

Al Hadir general 

Al-Hadir topographical features map

Ferromaine Port Hacking and Wood Eton

Port Hacking & Environs, Ferromaine

Iron Claw Barrowlands Ferris

Barrowlands, Iron Claw

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