Hybrids of Orc and Trolls are known as Lugzhul. They are more common than surface dwellers would think possible. Lugzhul are large, hulking Goblinoids with thick resilient hides. Bright light can cause paralysis or stun a Lugzhul. In communities dominated by Hobgoblins they are often slain at birth to be eaten by the rulers. Lugzhul are lacking in higher intellect but are smart enough to learn a spoken language better than a troll. In some citadels Lugzhul are raised as Tharkhor heavy infantry and in this role they excel.

Height: 7’4” to 9’6”

Average lifespan: unknown but a few Sages’ studies of corpses suggests 80 years


d20: Large creatures (+8 Str), +4 Str

Base hit dice: 6

-2 Wis, –3 Int, –5 Cha

daylight dazes
-4 to saves involving light-based attacks

Skin is DR:3, physical, cold and fire

Natural armour: AC +6
Unconsciousness at -5 hit points
Perfect darkvision (see as human in daylight)

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