There are variety of magical herbs, fungi and other plants native to Khara Thel.

Scrap Melons

A favourite of hill and forest trolls these melons are a dull peach colour with strong citrus flavour. The plants grow in troll refuse piles and the fruit’s flesh, when consumed, can relieve pain, bruising, minor burns, small cuts and abrasions. Scrap melons keep well (2 weeks), especially if kept wrapped in a damp cloth (~1 month).

Effects: strong heal of general damage, moderate healing of specific wounds, and restore one quarter of total exhaustion.

Locales: temperate wetlands, marshes, fens, bogs, heaths

Cost: 2gp

d20 effects: heals 2-12 hit points when eaten


Green moss, native to moist environments in cool temperate mountains, such as near waterfalls and creek banks. Its properties are only apparent after being washed and boiled in the appropriate manner after which, it can be used to provide a great deal of pain relief, and heal many small wounds.

Cost: 75gp

d20 effects: after appropriate brewing, drinking the liquid heals 3d8+5 hit points


A mould that grows deep underground. It is a dark green sludge that has an oily sheen often reflecting a yellow and blue haze. Gauthimilar is a magical sealant and is useful in flow-stoppage as well as rituals of closing (such as magical portal closing). The mould requires magical preservation to last more than a few days.

Effects: magic-lock a mechanism, or magic-jam a door, heal wounds, or stop any bleeding with a medical skill check, or as a magical glue.

Locales: caves,, underground crossover points that are not hot or very cold

Cost: 25gp

d20 effects: apply to a lock and works like Magic Lock spell

stop any bleeding with a Heal check

can use as magical glue

apply to door frame for Hold Portal spell effect

used in summoning spells, adds 10 minutes to cast time, can double duration of the effect


Luminescent green cress with orange-bronze edges on the leaves is the prime ingredient in White Salve. When pressed and mashed, then used as a poultice, it is a powerful regenerative accelerant able to stop bleeding and provide a little pain relief. When properly treated and prepared Mordakress becomes a much better analgesic. Although rare to find a plant, one plant yields a great amount of usable cress. Each dose of Mordakress can heal upon the last dose’s effect.

Effects: grass/crush & apply, closes wounds (heals instantly to a moderate level) and provides pain relief (light recovery of general damage).

Locales: temperate grasslands and savannahs

Cost: 4gp

d20 effects: heals 2d6 hit points when applied

Likaos Berry

Small orange berries that taste and smell like orange & cinnamon. When consumed they promote a heightened state of mental preparation allowing better focus and control of one’s body. Psychological addiction is not uncommon.

Effects: moderate bonus to strength feats, gymnastic or acrobatic manoeuvres and meditation for 1hr after consumption.

Locales: freezing, grasslands and marshes

Cost: 1gp

d20 effects: +4 insight bonus to Balance, Climb, Jump, Move Silent, and Tumble for 10 minutes

addiction possibility, Will save, DC is 10 + new skill total (of skill most used when taking the berry). If fail, then –4 insight malus on checks until berry is taken again. Stays in effect until Will save is made on taking another berry, or 2 weeks pass without the berry being taken.

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