Khara Thel is a fantastic role-playing game.

What makes a fantastic role-playing game?

  • The experience of being immersed in a world and sharing the adventure therein. For that to happen we need first and foremost, co-operation amongst the players. They must be firmly allied towards progressing the game, in-character and out-of-character.
  • Maintenance of the suspension of disbelief. You don’t have to believe the game-world is real but it sure helps if you can prevent disbelieving in it completely. Suspension of disbelief allows us to continue with the game and without it the game becomes farcical.
  • Rules that support the gaming experience. Important history in the game-world has to be supported by the rules. If a legendary figure is capable of duelling a storm giant then it has to be possible within the game rules. The rules also have to stay out of the way of the progression of the game. When the rules become obstacles to playing then they are not helping as much as they are detracting and need to be reviewed.
  • Khara Thel. It is huge. It is free. It is familiar. It is alive. Development is constant. The setting is rules neutral. Two rule-sets will be provided: Duration, crunch, options, detail, flexibility; Simple 2d6, quick, elegant, easy.