Making a cut down Cyberpunk for a Micro d20 system auto-fire has to be handled. Simplest idea is to have automatic fire increase critical range (we don’t do critical threat in micro because it requires an extra d20 roll to confirm).

  • Burst; +2 threat
  • Mag-dump; +4 threat.

Since we aren’t going to count each bean out of the firearm we have a Reload value. Any natural attack roll less than the Reload value means the weapon has to be reloaded.

"But I have at least 30 rounds in this weapon and it was my first attack!"

"Looks like you fired more than you intended. Probably nerves in combat."

And that is only one explanation.

Then with automatic fire and the Reload mechanic we have this:

  • Burst; +2 threat. Reload: 14.
  • Mag-dump; +4 threat. Reload: automatic (you’ve fired the whole magazine)

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