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Kiltayre Session 11: ideas

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Well, the big hook in the Iron Tower still hasn’t got enough bait on it to  get the players to bite. They are giving me the impression that intentions are for exploring the whole tower. After encountering the boneclaw-sarcophagi they are rightfully cautious.

We may have a new player joining us in a fortnight which would be great. The dynamic will shift a bit with that player able to bring a lot of energy and characterization to the table. Still too early to say, though.

Other plans are for some more revelations on the big plot which they’ll likely be able to piece together most all of what is going on. But that will present them with the “what the hell can we do about that” conundrum. And that is where the fun begins!

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Kiltayre: Session 10 planning ideas

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One of the premises of this game was that the characters are from the same village, trust each other, are friends, and as GM I will keep the CR’s within the DMG recommended strata. This has all been met, mostly, with some PC’s drifting into distrust of the others out of player-habit, and out of one PC’s actions.

What I’ve noticed is that some of the players just fall into the same character with a new suite of powers (the current build). Do you have players doing this?


For Session 10; the PCs are at the Iron Tower and I hope they continue to explore. The incentives are pretty good since there is nothing about for 50 miles of snowy wastes. 50 miles away is the Black Tower, counterpart to the one they are in, so its not much of an incentive because the PC’s can reasonably expect it to be similar.


The mention of war, the Rhett invading from the south with one of their first reported victories being the PC’s home town has fizzled out (in what is discussed at the table & in-character). However, that is mostly environmental with a little bit of avoiding the RP that could be had. It will really take them returning to civilization for this to come back to focus – they need other people about, and their communication, to find out more about this.


When we get back to the original rhyme, from the Seer-woman in Felk Bay, we are only up to:

“Five swords of bone.”

Yet it seems they may have found them in the walking sarcophagi with their bone-claw attacks… or have they?


Another premise, although recent, is that we’ll escalate towards Epic-ness. That means pushing it out to levels in the teens, where the PC’s will be amongst the most powerful beings in the land. And for that I have a whopper of a subplot that even Erikson might enjoy.

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Big PDF: from disorganised to organised

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Taking the work of Khara Thel from a bunch of disorganised Word, Open Office, Text, JPG, PNG and PSP files is a bigger task than I anticipated. The current file has bloated out to nearly 13Mb and I have now idea if it will compress or get fatter when it is PDF’d. One thing I am thankful for is using headings and sub-headings from the outset. Thanks to the old style guides for that tip.

The organised PDF draft should be ready to download in a week. In it will be many maps and a few quaint little illustrations by the author (yes I draw and make the maps). What has become apparent is that after the draft is assembled I have a few styles of maps. The style needs to be unified and that means remaking most of those maps to match. It also means choosing a style and should I decide a new style is required; then I have to remake all the maps. Who said it was easy? Certainly not me or it would be completed and polished already.

Al Hadir general 

Al-Hadir topographical features map

Ferromaine Port Hacking and Wood Eton

Port Hacking & Environs, Ferromaine

Iron Claw Barrowlands Ferris

Barrowlands, Iron Claw

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