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[PUBLISHED] Bounty for the Taking: Book Two

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Bounty for the Taking, a fantasy action series in the world of Khara Thel now has its second volume complete. Available on Smashwords and on Kindle for US$6.50. There will be a special coming up for Christmas season.

Book One
A mission to assassinate an orcish king, the spirit of a great demiurge wants a new body, and ogre raiders with a bounty on their heads for the taking. The three brothers Skarsayer are drawn through action and adventure towards a life-shattering revelation. A Tale of Khara Thel.
Smashwords –
Kindle –…B005DERN76

Book Two
A witch-cursed earring has seized the mind of a legendary sea captain. An uprising of bandits has seen a war-chest attract freelances and mercenaries to the fief of Anatol and Cavis begins to doubt if they are truly bandits that the lords are warring against. Staifcairn tries to fulfill his pact with the shade of a demiurge and complete his search for a Professor-Regent of the college of archmages. Kragor continues deeper on his path towards greatness and darkness. Join the brothers Skarsayer, and Kragor the Conqueror, on their trials and adventures across the strongly realised magical world of Khara Thel.
Smashwords –
Kindle –…B00AOF5WD6

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Published: Bounty for the Taking, Book One

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If you want some bone-crunching action and good old-fashioned adventure then read my latest novel. Bounty for the Taking: Book One, is a fantasy adventure that follows three brothers as they travel the lands of Khara Thel, seeking wealth and fortune via bounty hunting in its various forms until they uncover a life-changing revelation.



Bounty for the Taking: Book One, Smashwords

Bounty for the Taking: Book One, Kindle



Keeping it less-than-epic,


-KW Jackson

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Draft Map: Duchy of Amblehock


This is a draft map of the Duchy of Amblehock. It is the area for the various Fibb stories, such as “Goblin Hollow Cave”. The Duchy is also the neighbouring region of Veldon, which lies to the south of the Duchy, from the “Bounty for the Taking” series.


Duchy of Amblehock

Pen (Letraset 0.7 fine line, Pilot V5 Hi-techpoint, Sakura Micron #02) on Ikea kids roll-paper. Digital camera photo. Sepia filter. Contrast alteration. Otherwise completely hand-drawn.

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Second Pass Editing – A Tale of Rum Town

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Today I completed the second round of editing “A Tale of Rum Town”. There were loads of typos, spelling errors, and poor grammar. Added to that a few continuity problems and inconsistent, as well as confusing, use of names. It’s really tight now and one more editing pass should seal it up.


A few readers are still to provide me with feedback so I’m looking for any more readers who’re willing to give it a proof-read and offer feedback with the usual non-disclosure agreements in place.


Still to be done:

*Map of Rum Town (solid draft is done, but need to get the finished work)

*Secure cover artist and finalise cover concept

*Edit lead pages

*Decide if an ISBN should be purchased

*Decide if a glossary and, or, other appendices are required


It will be released on Amazon Kindle and probably a few other eBook vendors shortly after that.

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More Fiction for Khara Thel

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A close friend, and best man at my wedding, has been writing up a storm of steam-fantasy novels. When he’s not doing those he’s found time to write a swathe of fantasy stories that are inspired by Khara Thel and RPG’s in general. When they’ve been typed up and edited I hope to get them on this site in the shop as well as in the upcoming store on

It’s very good to have another writer in Khara Thel and one who writes with a different tone to me. His novels are much more light-hearted and friendlier yet still capture the magic of the world in the way I love. I’d have to say that his style is like the first half of the Fellowship of the Ring movie, and my style is more like the second half. I think they’re complimentary.

On top of all this Bounty for the Taking book two is shaping up nicely. Sea-captains, cursed earrings, bandit wars, and the beginning of a conqueror are all to be revealed on its completion.

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