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Quarry Town: ward of Ferris

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Almost a satellite of Ferris this town is like Picton but on a larger and more independent scale. Bordering Quarry Town are some of the finest wineries in all of Iron Claw. It is a peaceful place with a disproportionately large amount of watchmen and guards. Forestry reserves stretch for miles amidst the fertile farms. Hunting lodges and Inns are common here to cater for minor aristocrats passing through or getting away from their duties in the city.

The old quarries to the west of Quarry Town are the subject of strange rumours. Local hunters whisper over their ales that aristocrats bring in strange beasts, and even giants, for sport – using the old quarries to prevent their prey’s escape. Most people not in their cups simply laugh. As if no-one else would notice giants being brought into the area.


Quarry Town_Ferris


The Lateriders Inns are a collection of small inns and stables that cater for those who don’t make it to Ferris before the gates are locked for the night. Some are owned by the coaching lines in case of those times where a wheel breaks or the road is obstructed and their coaches are delayed. Guests usually stay for free, in such situations, if there is room but meals are pricey for what they are.


Old Gatehouse was once the northern portal into Ferris. It is almost a fortress in its own right and has now become a barracks and stable for the guard. They are often out riding about the city’s northern walls drilling their cavalry and footmen to keep them in excellent fighting condition. The hill fort nearby is on one of the many spires of old volcanic rock that penetrate the area. It is nearly 200 feet above the river and provides an excellent view for miles in all directions.

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Ferris, city

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Ferris is the second largest city on the Bay of Carnarvon, Philo being the largest, and has an extensive amount of shipping coming through a complicated series of wharves built on various islands in a river delta. The delta has built up about a series of old volcanic cores. This leaves many islands appearing to have spires of stone sprouting up through low hills. Soil is black and silty providing a great agricultural base. Many farms still operate in the delta and on its edges. A few of the spires have had fortresses built on them, or in the case of the Iron Fortress, about and through them.

The Iron Fortress dominates the skyline of Ferris. It is in the delta, on the southeast side, and is engineered out of hard igneous rock that appears like iron to the casual eye. The Iron Fortress is possibly the most heavily constructed fortification in all of Khara Thel. It has resisted the most powerful siege engines of Krakmoor with nothing more than some cosmetic damage. The Iron Fortress is also the palace of Prince Merran, first-born son of King Uthas, the heir-apparent to the Iron Claw throne.

Ferris has a number of wards and each has its own Lord-mayor. The City of Ferris is also made of two Earldoms: Earl of Freeports (south) and Earl of Ferris (north).

The Earldom of Freeports is made up of the following wards:

Free Port South, Freeport City, East Freeport, Shipyard Island, Rum Town, Easton City (The Eastholds), Iron Fortress

The Earldom of Ferris contains these older wards:

South Ferris, Old Ferris, Central Isle, Keychain Island, Strand, Picton, North Ferris, Quarry Town

All answer to the Prince (Prince Merran) who is the overall ruler of what is officially titled, The Principality of Ferris, of the Grand Kingdom of Iron Claw.

Ruler(s): Prince Merran.

Population: 400,000+

Region: Mouth of the Ferris River. South central Iron Claw.

Style: Huge medieval city built across the Ferris River delta amidst a number of eroded volcanic spires. Stone, wood, tiled rooves, battlements, buttressed tenements, cobbled streets, paved roads, stone docks, wooden piers, dry docks all clutter the complex skyline. Hustle bustle hassle haggle, rickety fences, overhanging buildings that are constantly being renovated and extended, are all backdrops to this busy metropolis. Ferris is a well-defended city port. The huge Iron Fortress dominates the SE of the city and its faintly glimmering metallic battlements are visible for miles.

Military: Prince Merran’s armies reside and train in and around the city. A strong presence of soldiers is in the SE of the city and on the docks. Army structures are easily found although they don’t overwhelm the city. Bailiff-stations are common enough to deter most criminals outside of Rum Town. Some regions of the city are heavily fortified, such as the old town and the entrance to the main docks regions, the treasury and the mint, the great barracks, etc. The whole city and most of its farms are walled. Prince Merran’s palace is in the famed Iron Fortress that incorporates the great barracks and a large tourney ground. Soldiers: 6,000+, Guardsmen: 2,500+, Knights: over 500, Royal Guards: over 200, Rangers: 150.

Industry: Treasury: minting of coins, employs neighbouring mines and imports all of its precious metals via war galleon with many escorts. All the support services of a large city can be found. Bureau of Records, Taxation, Lands and Titles, many taverns, armourers, smiths, foundries, smelters, shipyards, dry docks, wagon wrights, farriers, tanners, craftsmen, artisans, masons, engineers, jewellers, furnishers, tailors, etc.

Imports: raw materials of all types, high quality materials, rare materials, gems, precious metals, coal, pitch, salt, sugar, foods, livestock (for slaughter & leather), etc.

Exports: Cloth, ships, metalwork, preserved foods, sails, beer, wine, liquor, finished goods, paper, etc.

Resources: All known resources are nearly consumed.

Known: In the City, none, surrounding area: stone quarries, iron ore mines, lumber, large silver mine, large copper mine, small alluvial gold deposits ~40 miles up river,

Unknown: Marble quarry will be found in 1-10months.

Brief: Ferris is a huge city where anything is possible and is even likely to happen. Prince Merran is the proud and popular ruler of this mighty metropolis. Over 400,000 people live here and many more visit every day. Ferris is a free port, ie. Anyone may berth here after clearing customs. Cargo is lightly tariffed to protect Iron Claw interests and pay for the required infrastructure. A mage guild is here, as is the prestigious Rhastavon College for the Magically Gifted, a chantry of the Guild of Power and the Silver College. A cathedral of the Rose is near the old town and provides care for mothers about to give birth .

Hooks: Political intrigue involving Prince Merran’s royal neighbours vying for his favour. It is a huge port that sees travellers from all over the Bay of Carnarvon and even from across the Hrost Ocean.



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The Cartel

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In the Freeports of Ferris, Iron Claw Kindgom, operates an organised heirarchy of criminals. They steal, bribe, intimidate and gather valuable information. Overseeing them all is the master of the Cartel: Medesca.

To join one is invited. Usually this is done by an existing member of the rank Delegator. They invite streetwise urchins and gutter-rats (kids who live mainly on crime and likely orphaned) into the Cartel giving them regular coin, work, protection and most importantly food. Some Delegators lean towards kindly mentors, others are harsh Taskmasters but none overtly abuse their charges – it is not the Cartel way.


There are others, though, who take on different “talent”. Those with a proficiency for violence – whether it be through audacity, cunning, brutality or stealth. These are the Lieutenants of the Cartel. Its blades and flanged heads of wrath and threat.

From either arm, each knowing of the other, is the hidden third limb. The dagger in the dark that is the Assassins of the Cartel. A secret of the Guildmaster, the Chief Enforcer and the few Delegators. Deep secrets, hidden lore and precise application of death are their charge. Recruits must be well seasoned and trusted within the Cartel in addition to having the appearance of the correct character and skills to be invited in to this arm of the organisation. One cannot survive saying no.

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