First draft is in the works. Currently 62pgs. with illustrations and >20,000 words. System is my “Simple 2d6” product available on and

There’s fast cars, ruins to explore, river traders, monstrous creatures, preternatural storms, spellcrafters, and more. Here is part of the prologue to set the flavour.

Playing Frayed Lands

Frayed Lands is about fast custom armoured cars racing through the wastelands. Crews of agents seeking answers and preventing threats. Adventurers exploring wild lands. River traders reaching out to remote settlements. Scavengers picking over ruins looking for the big find. Characters are anthropomorphic animals and altered humans. Threats abound in multitudinous forms; gangs, rival agents, smugglers, mutants, night-terrors, but the worst are those horrors from the Fray: those places where reality had been torn and another has bulged through like an intestine out of an abdominal wound.

For places like Sheridan, Furlham and Northumber this was a saving grace that prevented them perishing in a magical apocalypse. However, places like the lands near Argus and the Stonecrest it has been the beginning of what could be a magical apocalypse on Earth.

Your characters will be agents of a major power within this new world. They will investigate threats to their government, corporation, gang, or coven. Through investigation, travel and combat they will halt these threats or divert them. Horrors lurk in the wild abandoned places but so does the advanced technology of the ancients, or magic of the ruined kingdoms that fell through the Fray. The only thing that is for sure in the Frayed Lands is danger.

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