In the beginning there was an idea. An RPG world that was at once familiar, believable and exciting. From this idea Khara Thel came forth, over many years, towards a world that is meant to be played within. It is not meant to be a simulation, an epic setting of great power, or the most exotic world ever dreamt, but a place where adventurers can set forth and make their fortune or meet their doom. A world that fits like a favourite coat with many pockets that you always find a gold coin squirrelled away that you had forgotten about.

Khara Thel uses maps that contain landforms that follow known geology and geography. Rivers flow from mountains to the sea. Mountain ranges that reach the coast often have a chain of islands extending into the ocean. The landforms of Khara Thel follow the patterns we learned about our own world.

In the beginning there was a world and now it is born to be played with.

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