Khara Thel is a complex contiguous continent with many island chains and archipelagos. From a design perspective it allows migrations of cultures without ships or other methods of distance-travel: any culture can conceivably walk to almost anywhere.


My favourite parts, aesthetically;

  • Tay-Tay, and associated island chains
  • Candarian Rift
  • Arnthax River basin
  • Palinleague’s large lake
  • Mustang Territories, aka. the Khob Odan
  • The colossal Storm Bay

After many years of map developments I have found a ‘standard’ that suits me and makes very nice maps.


The Badlands of Iron Claw are situated on the western edge of the Borderlands, also called the Iron Claw Protectorates. Here I’ve done a great deal of my favourite Games Mastering and playing. Where it stands in a global perspective:



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