Well, after the last session I think it’s pretty straight-forward what the players will do. They’ll go to the hotel, the Beaming Censer, and try to question the Siprans. After that they’ll pursue Jonas’ group of Scours and Inquisitors out the North Gate.

Thankfully for me I’ve got this covered pretty well. Last session (20) I had under-prepared and had to wing a lot of it. It always goes a bit more awkward with the fine detail so I’ve done a lot of prep for 21.

What will be an obstacle is the Rift-Weave that surrounds Stonecrest. I’ve got an intersting mechanic to handle that but I’ll not share it until session 21 is complete. Thankfully that is tomorrow night! We’ve moved the game from Sunday to Friday night because my son is now one year old.

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