Designing your own cover takes a fair bit of persistence and a decent eye for composition. What is especially hard when doing so for Kindle is that the resize of the image has to still be legible enough to entice a buyer. That has been my hurdle over the last weeks; resizing the image and still being readable.

Kindle resizes your cover image to 115px square for the gallery. By resizing your image (a copy so you don’t accidentally save it small) resize so its largest dimension is 115 pixels. That’s pretty close to how it will look on the Kindle gallery of eBooks.

I’ve done ten covers and I’m listing the evolution to what my current “go with” cover, from earliest at number one.

  1. COVER_02
  2. COVER_04
  3. COVER_04a_2
  4. COVER_04a_3
  5. COVER_04a_colour_500px_wd
  6. COVER_04a_colour_800px_hi
  7. COVER_05b_gold_blue
  8. COVER_05c_gold_blue
  9. COVER_05e_gold_blue
  10. COVER_05f_gold_blue

Some pointers? Use fonts without lots of dangly bits. Avoid too sharp an edge. It makes the object look pasted on instead of “part” of the image. Avoid clutter: it’s just more detail that can pixelate when the cover is resized.

This image could be polished some more, I’m thinking, so it will likely change to a small image and larger text for the title. For those of you on a similar journey, into ePublishing, hope you get some useful tips from this. Leave a comment &/or subscribe.

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