A close friend, and best man at my wedding, has been writing up a storm of steam-fantasy novels. When he’s not doing those he’s found time to write a swathe of fantasy stories that are inspired by Khara Thel and RPG’s in general. When they’ve been typed up and edited I hope to get them on this site in the shop as well as in the upcoming store on Lulu.com.

It’s very good to have another writer in Khara Thel and one who writes with a different tone to me. His novels are much more light-hearted and friendlier yet still capture the magic of the world in the way I love. I’d have to say that his style is like the first half of the Fellowship of the Ring movie, and my style is more like the second half. I think they’re complimentary.

On top of all this Bounty for the Taking book two is shaping up nicely. Sea-captains, cursed earrings, bandit wars, and the beginning of a conqueror are all to be revealed on its completion.

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