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Frayed Lands

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Take the magnificent flexibility of RIFTS and put it in a working rule-set. That is Frayed Lands.

fray opens up unlicensed


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Duration System becomes Triple Ought System

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Duration system was an effort for an action oriented contemporary and beyond game setting. It is more on the simulation spectrum than fantasy yet indulges action-movie sensibilities. Essentially you can achieve the action sci-fi adventure with the rules not preventing suspension of disbelief.

Triple Ought uses 3d10 as the core roll, where d20 would use a d20, and this gives a good bell curve that has middling results a bit more often that 2 dice based core rolls. 3 dice smooths out that curve a bit more and makes it less “digital”, or obviously granular.

Core is 3d10 + Skill + mods vs. base TN of 15. Characters typically start with +12 or more in their chosen specialty and this can be raised with gear bonuses.

BLAS:ERS is inspired by Battlelord of the 23rd Century (BL) and having a rules “lite” version. At first I cut BL down to 4 stats, from 8, and kept most of the combat complexity. Then I started analyzing probabilities to be reminded how often I forget that d100 is a flat line just like d20 (which I don’t like because it removes the expectation of an average roll value). Of course the base setting is tweaked a bit to be human only and not really about the FTL tech. A “powder only” version is actually preferable because it keeps weapons on a standard spectrum. BL has personnel weapons starting at 1d2 going up to 10d10 and higher. With armour on a similarly large spectrum. This makes it more about gear and resources (IMO). BLAS:ERS is more about skill and tactics, I hope, with the element of gear and resources tweaking it a little for surprises.

Triple Ought happens to line up with Shadowrun (SR) gear in a surprising coincidence. One can import SR gear with little effort (SR2 and SR3). So that’s a nice bonus. If you’re interested in a draft contact me through the side bar information.

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