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Duration >> Advanced 2d6?

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After a few hours of revision on my various projects I realised that Duration (my crunchy 2d10 based system) may as well be abandoned. It was being trimmed back last I was working on it and it basically has the form of Simple 2d6 in its current state. The possible plan is to make an Advanced 2d6 system with lots of crunch but it seems that the current trend is established systems, or simple systems, so I’m questioning the value of that work. Duration is on vacation until I make a decision.


Is there any value in extending on Simple 2d6’s premises to make an Advanced 2d6 that will include the following?

*Hit locations

*Piece-meal Armour

*Armour damage tracking

*All movement, lifting, and fatigue tracking

*Critical wounds

*Action Points for combat


My thoughts are that only established systems can get away with crunch. Indie systems that have crunch are held in disdain.


What do you think?

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Big Disorganised PDF

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This is a kind of “dump” off all the formalised material I’ve written for Khara Thel. It’s already been viewed by Jensan of Rustfoot who gave some kind and useful feedback. Don’t take this file as a completed piece of work but a first draft of kludging all my notes into one document.

Without more ado:

Khara Thel_Big Disorganised PDF

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Duration RPG System

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For a long time Khara Thel was rendered using the Rolemaster 2nd edition system with liberal amounts of the various Companion books and a serious dose of Companion VI. It satisfied me and my players well; even players who aren’t that interested in systems.

The main success of gaming I found was that the players want to suspend their disbelief. In other groups, particularly those I don’t enjoy gaming with any longer, there is a strive to use derogatory humour to unhinge the suspension of disbelief and turn the game into something stupid. Why this happens, I can’t say for sure, but I have ideas.

Rolemaster has a lot of ideas I like for creating a Fantastic Roleplaying Experience but it is also bogged down with some archetypal concepts that aren’t really needed and I will outline some of them.

  1. Professions: are a way to type your character and also to limit your character. Considering RM (Rolemaster) even has a “No Profession” profession, and all professions can learn any skill, the creators are on some level pushing for a profession-less system. More commonly called class-less system.
  2. Luck-based critical strikes: unless you are ambushing a target your critical strikes are totally random. It doesn’t matter if you’re a level 40 fighter or a level 1 mageling, when it comes to killing these two have the same chance of a critical strike that ends the fight once it is inflicted.
  3. Levelling starts too weak: level one characters in RM are far too weak compared to level 10 or level 20.

Those are three reasons I built a new system that I called Duration. The idea of Duration is that characters have a much greater chance of being alive for the duration of the adventure. It will also be a system that stays in the group for the duration of the gaming in Khara Thel – and hopefully for a great deal of other gaming.

After playtesting with some very harsh critics Duration is a workable system. Like Khara Thel I’ve made it familiar yet its own. Simple resolution that will be reminiscent of DnD, combat that has echoes of RM, and armour that protects by negating damage.

For your perusal and consideration: Duration Light

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