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Draft Map: Duchy of Amblehock


This is a draft map of the Duchy of Amblehock. It is the area for the various Fibb stories, such as “Goblin Hollow Cave”. The Duchy is also the neighbouring region of Veldon, which lies to the south of the Duchy, from the “Bounty for the Taking” series.


Duchy of Amblehock

Pen (Letraset 0.7 fine line, Pilot V5 Hi-techpoint, Sakura Micron #02) on Ikea kids roll-paper. Digital camera photo. Sepia filter. Contrast alteration. Otherwise completely hand-drawn.

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Hand Drawn Maps: Available for Commission

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Do you want a hand-drawn map for your project or novel? I draw quality maps in ink and can touch them up for good labelling in digital-art suites. Contact for rates and availability, or just for a chat about your ideas.




Schwedt: haven from the Wild Lands

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Khara Thel Worldbook

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It is done. The first draft of the Khara Thel Worldbook, written in system neutral language, with illustrations. It is a hefty 16Mb downloadable free 164-page PDF of a massive fantasy world that is low on the ‘fantasy’ and high on the ‘world’.

Please download and give me some feedback at this blog. Bookmark, add to favourites and subscribe to the RSS feed.


Khara Thel – Worldbook System Neutral Draft

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The Watcher on the Pines


The Watcher on the Pines.
This lonely tower watches over the pine forest between the Forest Boar Inn and Schwedt. It is a maligned place of isolation that served the Iron Claw Rangers for decades in their quest to keep the kingdom secure from internal and external threats.

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Visualising Khara Thel

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These posts will be about drawing and visualising Khara Thel’s various places and landscapes. Their main thrust is to show what it looks like in mine, and others, minds. Have a gander and enjoy.

mountain fastness town

narrow house

medescas house

jakes pier-house

converted seatower

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