Taller than common orcs the Tharkhor are the greater race of Goblinoids of Khara Thel. They are often intelligent and can learn a handful of languages. Amongst Tharkhor there is formal education with uncles. Female Tharkhor are kept in separate harems to the rest of the Goblinoids of any citadel and jealously guarded from common orcs potentially polluting the bloodlines. As soldiers the Tharkhor are shock troops, heavy infantry and heavy cavalry. They favour heavy plate armour and often wield war mattocks, heavy swords, hammers and maces into battle. They are very strong, even for their size, and can endure sunlight even thought it hampers them. The Tharkhor are, thankfully, slow breeders and their numbers are few.
Height: 6’ to 7’
Abilities: darkvision 120 ft., daylight hampers (moderate penalty to all actions), greatly resistant to damage, moderate resistance to shock
Average lifespan: 90 years, although most are soldiers and live about 50 years

d20 effects: +3 Str, +1 Con, Darkvision (120ft.), Stay conscious and active to –5 hit points, daylight puts them at –1 to morale.

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