Zyfraan Reldeng

6’2” 168lbs, Tayan, Alchemist
Cousin of the Mekong Reldeng king, Michairius the Nineteenth, and high standing member of the the Alchemists’ Guild & the Royal Sage school, Zyfraan is a well-respected member of the magical community. Zyfraan’s name is spoken of as one of the best alchemists alive. His education is of the highest standard and he continues his learning of spells and runes to this day. His great resources are almost all channelled back into his learning spells to assist his production of magic items. Many alchemists abroad know of his work. Zyfraan runs an alchemists shop, attached to the Concatenated Guild of Alchemists, near the Summer Palace in Tiben Xian.

Zyfraan has silver-grey hair that reaches the middle of his back in a cue. He wears red robes with hems enruned in gold and has access to a great number of magical items. Zyfraan actively monitors the mercenary companies and well-heeled freebooters that pass through the city of Tiben Xian for snippets of ancient lore and to study any magic items they may possess. He pays well and is completely trustworthy.
Notable Skills:
Zyfraan is a well-accomplished and powerful alchemist. He specialises in potions and smithing magic items but has earned respect for his knowledge of runes and the associated spell theory. He is a capable teacher for those who could use a “master-class” in rune magic and theory.
Zyfraan is so focused on enchanting items, making potions and learning new ways of enruning that he can be considered to have knowledge of almost every related spell. He may also have a few unique spells. His one diversion to runes and magic-items is defensive magic; of which he is moderately skilled. Zyfraan’s powers are usually enough to take care of himself against the common thugs and criminals should his personal guard, assigned by the king, be too slow or overwhelmed.
Combat abilities:
Zyfraan has no martial skills relying on bodyguards, magic items, enhanced reflexes and defensive magic
Notes: Zyfraan is an advanced polyglot, speaking 12 languages and 30 dialects. He is also a senior guild master of the Concatenated Alchemists Guild in Mekong Reldeng.

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