Gelharn Athost

Dagger-master & recruiter for Kliom Nagar, 5’8”, 164lbs, race: common man

Gelharn Athost is the infamous dagger-master of Kliom Nagar. His reputation is well spread amongst fencing schools and underground groups as the deadliest knife-fighter around. Gelharn travels between instruction terms of the school to find recruits and perform an occasional mission. He favours rich extravagant clothing whilst travelling and socialising but whilst working utilises his skills of disguise to become almost unrecognisable. Swordsmen and knife-fighters alike often challenge Gelharn Athost in duels wherever he is recognised. He will often accept to teach them a lesson in humility, however, his temper is explosive and should a challenger manage to wound him he will kill them in a most painful manner to add to his reputation.

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